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We have expanded our wool blend felt selection and now have more than 100 felt colors for you to choose from!

Each felt sheet is 12 in. x 18 in. and 0.060 in. (or 1.5mm) thick. This is a high-quality felt that is easy to cut, sew into, and work with. For each felt color in our shop, you will also find matching embroidery floss.

Why Wool Blend Felt

Wool blend felt is the most durable type of felt and has less fuzz so it won’t pill. This makes it the perfect choice for crafting beautiful felt flowers and plants, felt accessories, and felt toys that hold up over time. We also like to use this felt for making home decor as well as seasonal decorations.

Adding Detail

Along with being simple to cut and sew into, our felt is easy to color. As you can see with our felt monstera, we used both a colored pencil and an art marker to add more detail to our project.

How to Clean Your Felt Projects

If for some reason your felt crafts become dirty or need to be cleaned, we recommend spot cleaning rather than washing wool felt.

You can spot clean with a damp washcloth and a wool safe detergent that’s no rinse, like Eucalan or The Laundress. Simply dab at the spot — do not rub because that can cause felting or pilling.

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Watch our video to learn more about crafting with felt.

Crafting Tips

We want your craft projects to look amazing! Watch our videos to learn more about each material: