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After testing many different craft tools over the years, we have discovered what works best for making crepe paper flowers, felt projects, and other paper crafts. This curated selection includes the craft tools we use regularly for all of our DIY craft projects on
Types of Craft Tools
Our teal craft scissors are perfect for larger or thicker cuts. They also feature an ergonomically contoured handle so they are more comfortable to use. The handle is bent so you can keep your paper flat and make sure you are cutting evenly. In addition, the stainless steel blade cuts all the way to the tip, ensuring your cuts are smooth and easy to make. Finally, these scissors are non-stick, which allows you to cut through a variety of materials and adhesives, like glue and tape.

On the other hand, detail scissors are perfect for making smaller, more intricate cuts. These scissors are small and sharp with thin points. This makes it easy for you to maneuver around more detailed flower patterns or felt crafts and get into tiny spaces.

Fringe scissors are perfect for creating flower centers. Use them to cut along the edge of a string of crepe paper, and then fringe it with our detail scissors.

Along with having a good pair of scissors, we recommend our curling tool for shaping paper flowers, plants, and leaves. You can also use this craft tool to crease and score your paper (if you are cutting by hand).

Another craft tool we use all the time for making paper flowers and felt flowers is needle-nose pliers/wire cutters. This way, you can use just one tool to cut and bend your floral wire. This tool also comes in handy for crafting DIY jewelry.

A new addition to our craft tool selection is our needle-nose tweezers. This tool comes in handy for dealing with tiny, intricate pieces. Whether it’s picking them up off your cutting mat, handling them, or gluing them, this tool makes it much easier.

Finally, we could not make paper flowers without hot glue! We use both high-temp and low-temp hot glue, depending on the flower. You may want to experiment with both and see what you like best.