Lia Griffith Craft Eyes 5mm- Pack of 10

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Craft eyes perfect for your Lia Griffith felt stuffed animals, dolls and other craft projects

  • 5mm in size
  • 10 eye/washer sets per package

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Craft eyes which are solid black eyes with plastic washers for felt stuffies, dolls, puppets, and more. These 5mm craft eyes are a glossy finish and include 10 eye/washer sets per package.  They make perfect eyes for all of our Lia Griffith felt stuffed animals.

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2 reviews

  1. susan-5748 (verified purchaser)

    I love the quality of these eyes!!! They are hard to find, even the yucky ones are hard to find. These are exceptional craft eyes and make a big difference in the finished product!!!

  2. p.thomason (verified purchaser)

    Wow how nice!