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Lia Griffith crepe paper collections are a great way to try out a variety of colors — perfect for anyone new to crafting! And because they are bundled, you’ll also save money. If you’d rather pick your own individual colors to use, browse our crepe paper singles.

Each 10-pack collection comes with 10 crepe paper rolls in different colors inspired by nature. The size of each roll is 9.8 inches x 39.3 inches. These colors reflect the changing seasons so you can make crepe paper flowers for spring, summer, fall, and winter. Of course you can always make your paper flowers in any color you like!
Why Lia Griffith Crepe Paper
Lia Griffith crepe paper is a high-quality crepe paper that is made by hand in Germany using natural, non-toxic dyes. Using high-quality crepe paper will make a huge difference in the overall look of your crepe paper flowers and will hold up better over time. Because the crepe paper is hand-dyed, there may be some color variation, which is perfect for making crepe paper flowers that look more realistic. After all, no two flowers in nature look exactly the same!
Types of Crepe Paper and How to Use Them
Above you will find crepe paper collections in both extra fine and heavy. Our extra-fine crepe paper has 130% stretch and a smooth, fabric-like feel to it. This crepe paper is perfect for creating delicate petals with a transparent look and lighter texture. Our heavy crepe paper has 250% stretch with no machine lines. This crepe paper has a stiffer texture and is perfect for making large flowers and heavier petals as it holds shape well. Both types of crepe paper by Lia Griffith are easy to stretch, curl, cup, and shape, which will make your crepe paper flowers come to life!

Along with our 10-pack collections, we also carry a 3-pack extra-fine metallic collection and a 3-pack with extra-fine crepe paper in basic colors.

Crafting Tips

We want your craft projects to look amazing! Watch our videos to learn more about each material: