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We have expanded this section of our shop to bring you new color options! In addition to our PanPastels, we now have a set of 36 watercolors.

We love to use watercolors on our pretty flowers. We now have a watercolors set, water brush, and paintbrushes, so you can make your crepe paper flowers look even more unique. To see an example of how we use watercolors, check out our crepe paper bearded iris.

PanPastel is another favorite way to add color to paper flowers and plants. And you can also use them on your felt flowers. This gives them more depth and dimension, and it also helps them look more realistic.

The PanPastel Lia Griffith Designer Kit includes the seven colors we use most for paper flowers. As you use your PanPastel, you will see that a little bit of color goes a long way! Altogether there are three frosted and four matte colors so you can easily add shine or adjust the texture of your petals and leaves. The kit also includes three sponge applicators. You can wash these sponges, let them air dry, and use them over and over again.

If you want some guidance on coloring your paper flowers, make sure to check out our video tutorial on for tips on blending and mixing your PanPastel colors.

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