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There are many variations of wreaths you can make. On this page you will find four different wreath forms: grapevine, straw, macrame, and embroidery.

Grapevine wreaths are great for beginners as it is very easy to place paper flowers and leaves onto the wreath. This wreath form has a natural look that is beautiful to look at, so there’s no need to cover every part of it with paper flowers. For examples of how we used this typed of wreath, take a look at our frosted paper leaf wreath and our felt mistletoe wreath.

If you want to make a wreath that’s thick and full, we recommend using a straw wreath. This is an eco-friendly, high-quality alternative to using foam wreaths. For an example of how we used a straw wreath form, check out this paper flower wreath.

Our embroidery hoops are wooden and perfect for making paper flower wreaths and felt wreaths. Of course you can also use them for your embroidery projects and macrame crafts. You can see how we combined both paper and felt with our embroidery hoop to make this greenery wreath.

Another wreath we use often is our macrame hoops. This is one of my favorite forms for creating an asymmetrical wreath. We use these hoops to create macrame wall hangings as well as paper flower wreaths. You can see an example of how we used this wreath form in our macrame hoop wall hanging and our paper flower and succulent wreath.

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I love to decorate my home with wreaths year-round, and you can use any of these wreath forms to do the same. If you need more ideas, you can see all of the wreaths we have made on

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