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Second to paper, wool felt is one of our favorite materials to craft with. In our shop, you will find a variety of wool-blend felt, embroidery floss, macrame cord and sewing essentials. We stock a durable, high-quality felt with superior color uniformity. Each sheet is 12″x18″ and 0.060″ or 1.5mm thick — perfect for all of your felt crafts! Our floss is DMC embroidery floss. A brilliant, six-strand floss made from double mercerized, long staple 100% cotton fibers. The floss is 8.7yd/8m skeins.

With these craft supplies, you can make felt flowers, felt animals, macrame wall hangings, and more of your favorite fiber crafts.

We also stock roving wool, felt balls and macrame cord.  Simply everything you need for fibre craft projects

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