Roving Wool

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We have expanded the selection of our favorite essentials for hand-sewing and embroidery work to include all-natural Corriedale felting wool direct from New Zealand! We use this wool for all of our handmade needle felted crafts.

These are balls of high-quality Corriedale wool direct from New Zealand, made using natural processes and dyes.

If you have never tried needle felting before, it is a fabulous crafting technique that allows you to create realistic animals and adorable characters with colorful and soft textures. If you are experienced in needle felting, you will understand how excited we are to bring you this high-quality felting wool direct from New Zealand!
We have complete step-by-step photo tutorials for needle felting projects on Lia Griffith where we show you how to make all of our needle felted projects from start to finish.  Follow along and become a needle felting master!