Spun Shapes

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One of the ways we have transitioned to using more eco-friendly craft materials is by using spun cotton and wooden balls, eggs, and shapes instead of foam balls and eggs. Wood is also a more sustainable alternative, which is why we now carry wooden beads.
How to Use
We use spun cotton balls to make flower centers for paper flowers and also to create berry sprays. Overall we carry seven different sizes of spun cotton balls. The smallest size — 6mm — is perfect for making berry sprays. And the largest size — 30mm — works well for making crepe paper peony centers and other larger flowers (like these jumbo crepe paper poppies).

For medium-size flowers, we typically use the 20mm spun cotton balls. You can see examples of how we used this size in our crepe paper black-eyed Susans and our crepe paper football mums.

For smaller flowers, we use spun cotton eggs in 8mm or 10mm and 12mm or 15mm. Because the sizes are close, you can use 8mm or 10mm interchangeably, and the same goes for using 12mm or 15mm. You can see how we used these two different sizes in our crepe paper snowdrops and our crepe paper poppies. Spun cotton balls also work well for certain felt flowers, like these felt chocolate cosmos.

Spun cotton eggs are a great choice for making Easter egg crafts and other home decor. For example, we used our 12mm spun cotton eggs to craft these pussy willow branches.

The next size up — 20mm — is perfect for making eggs like these little Robin’s eggs. And finally, the 58mm spun cotton eggs are well-suited for any type of Easter egg you want to craft. To see some examples, check out our painted animal Easter eggs and our marbled Easter eggs.

Along with the spun cotton materials, we also carry wooden beads in 8mm. This is another great option for flower centers! You can see how we used these beads when making our crepe paper Japanese anemones. Of course you could also use them for DIY jewelry, keychains, napkin rings, and other handmade crafts.