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Our favorite craft glue to use when making paper flowers, paper plants, and wreaths is hot glue and white glue.

White Glue

We have gone through almost every kind of white glue and have found that the one we like best is the turbo tacky glue. Unlike other glues, the glue tip is at the bottom of the bottle and it rests on the lid, so your glue is always ready to use.

For wiring petals and leaves, we have found that white glue works better than hot glue because it gives you more time to get the pieces aligned. We also like to use white glue when wrapping crepe paper around our stems to finish them. Because it’s a bit thicker and less watery than other glues, it doesn’t ruin crepe paper.

Hot Glue

When it comes to hot glue, it really is your preference whether you use low-temp or high-temp. I used to always use a low-temp hot glue for assembling my crepe paper flowers as you don’t really need to use high heat for crepe paper. However, I love the fine point on the high-temp hot glue gun and it is now my personal favorite. Since hot glue dries faster, it is perfect for gluing on your paper petals and other parts of the flower.

Mod Podge

Another glue we highly recommend is Mod Podge. We often use Mod Podge to make our crepe paper leaves look glossy and give them a finish that looks very natural. You can see how we used this craft glue for our crepe paper philodendron to make the dark leaves glossy.