Lia Griffith Paper Spun Balls 10mm – Pack of 100

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One pack of natural paper spun balls perfect for making paper flowers and plants!

  • Includes 100 balls
  • Each ball is approximately 10 mm in size
  • A single hole in one end of the ball for attaching to a floral wire stem
  • Easily colored by paper, paint or markers

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10mm paper spun balls ideal for using to make crepe paper flowers and plants.  These come in a pack of 100.  They are made of natural spun paper.  Each ball is approximately 10 mm in size and has a single hole in one end which is then perfect for a wire flower stem.  You can then cover these 10mm cotton spun balls in crepe paper or tissue, paint them or color them with markers and then create the center you desire.  It’s a versatile craft supply, made of all-natural materials.


We have balls in many different sizes in our shop! The different sizes make them perfect for different crafts and different sized plants and crepe paper flowers!


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2 reviews

  1. Jane Gibson (verified purchaser)

    I use Lia’s paper spun balls for my crepe flowers a lot. They work great for flowers needing that type of center structure. I also like that they can be painted if necessary. They are also great for making berries!

  2. p.thomason (verified purchaser)

    I have sizes 8, 10 12, 30 mm.