Lia Griffith Felt & Floss Swatch Sheet (Free Download)

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A free printable download for you to attach your felt swatches to. This is also a great easy and quick reference for the coordinating floss color!

Click here to download this free printable.

This is a Lia Griffith free felt and floss download swatch for your swatches.  You can use this free printable PDF download to attach your felt swatches.  This free Lia Griffith felt download also has the coordinating embroidery floss color for an easy and quick reference. We have carefully sourced a beautifully curated range of felt sheets that work with all of your felt projects.  We have also matched our felt to the corresponding DMC embroidery floss.  We love the superior quality of DMC floss.


Check out all of our wonderful felt crafts over on our Lia Griffith site.

Click here to download this free printable.


Check out the frosted paper swatch sheet. We also have a crepe paper swatch sheet and these crepe paper storage bags which Lia and the team use in the studio to organize all of their crepe paper by color.


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2 reviews

  1. Heather McCoy

    Love this! Really helpful. Even better than a pre-printed card since color matching ever there isn’t entirely exact. Granted, I know dye lots can differ too from purchase to purchase, but I still think this is as close an “exact match” as you’re going to get.

  2. Jennifer Folsom

    This is a novel idea- the felt swatch sheet is BLANK, with each swatch labeled. I suppose as you collect the colors you place your swatch on the sheet. It’s a little place to stay collected and organized, which helps me both in well, staying organized, but also planning projects. It would be nice to have a colored sheet as well, so in the event you aren’t able to purchase lia griffith felt you could place your own wool blend felt swatch instead by going off their reference colors. In all, I think it’s a good idea and I’m grateful for the FREE download! Thanks Lia and friends! (PS- it’ my first review here, honored to be the first to say something about this!)