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Our double-sided, extra-fine crepe paper has two unique colors fused into one sheet of crepe paper. You may know it as doublette, Duplex, or Gloria.

Each pack comes with two folds, and each fold is 9.84 in. x 49.21 in. (25 cm. x 125 cm.). Since it is made out of our extra-fine crepe paper, it has approximately 130% stretch. However, unlike the extra-fine, it has two layers so it is a bit thicker. Altogether, we have eight different packs of double-sided crepe paper to choose from.

Why Lia Griffith Crepe Paper

All Lia Griffith crepe paper is made by hand in Germany, using natural, non-toxic dyes and colors. This is a high-quality crepe paper that will make your crepe paper flowers and plants look more realistic.

Because the color is hand-mixed, there may be some slight variation between crepe paper packs. This will allow your flowers to be more true to nature as flowers often have subtle color differences.

Although most crepe paper is measured by grams per square, we put more importance on the stretch. You’ll want to choose a paper for its feel and workability, which is where stretchability comes in.

How to Use This Crepe Paper

Lia Griffith double-sided crepe paper has a smooth, velvet-like finish and is perfect for flatter or larger petals and leaves that need less stretch.

You can even alternate which side you use to add some color variation and depth to your crepe paper flower bouquets and crepe paper plants. For example, you may want your crepe paper roses or peonies to have some subtle color changes within each flower you make. Or maybe you want to make a succulent arrangement using slightly different greens.

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