Lia Griffith Crepe Paper Double Sided – Blush/Chiffon + Peach/Petal

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2 folds of double-sided paper in blush chiffon & peach petal

  • High quality, extra-fine, double-sided crepe paper in colors curated by Lia Griffith
  • Hand-dyed, nontoxic, vegan crepe paper, using natural dyes and colors
  • Made in Germany
  • Each fold of paper is 9.8″ x 49.2″ (25cm x 125cm) with 130% stretch

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Double-sided blush chiffon & peach petal crepe paper by Lia Griffith includes two layers of extra fine crepe, allowing crafters to create texture and depth in their designs.  You can make beautiful and realistic crepe paper flowers, wedding, and special event décor, elegant gift wrapping, kids projects, and papercrafts of all kinds.

Double-sided papers are great for capturing the delicate look of the extra fine paper, but with a little more stiffness to make sturdier petals. Because there are two tones on the paper, it can create a beautiful visual depth with a lighter shade on the inside of the petal and a darker shade on the outside of the petal.


This is high-quality, heavy floristic crepe paper from DIY designer Lia Griffith in a color palette inspired by nature.  It is hand-dyed, nontoxic crepe paper.  Made in Germany and is specifically designed for making DIY paper flowers, wedding and party decorations, kids’ craft projects, and more.

Our extra fine crepe paper is equivalent to 60 grams.  The metallic extra fine is more equivalent to 80 grams.  Our heavy floristic crepe paper is equivalent to 160 grams.  But it’s important to note that the stretch is a more important factor to consider than the weight when making paper flowers.  Our extra-fine crepe paper has a 130% stretch and the heavy floristic has a 250 % stretch.  This makes the crepe paper lend itself so well to a more natural, delicate-looking crepe paper flower.  The references to “extra fine” do not mean it is more fragile and will tear.  It really relates to how the paper is more like a “fabric.” This also makes all of our crepe papers very malleable and easy to use. You can stretch, curl, twist and cut these beautiful papers to make stunning crafts that last a lifetime.

Due to the natural nature of production, there could be slight variations in color.  You will need to store it out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.  Find out more about crepe paper and crepe paper flowers here.


We sell our crepe colors in single packs also if you did not want to buy a full curated 10 pack collection.  Check out all of the single colors available for purchase here.


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6 reviews

  1. Andrea (verified owner)

    Love the weight and texture of this crepe paper. Colors work for so many different flowers.

  2. Loretta Mitchell

    Extra Fine Crepe Paper – Honeysuckle

  3. Lisa Singleton

    Heavy Crepe English GardenI really love these colors. Just received my Cricut Maker and I can’t wait to see how it cuts the crepe!

  4. Concetta Petruzziello

    Love Lia’s Crepe PaperThis paper is beautiful for making the roses in her book!

  5. Nicole A

    Great QualityThis is my second time ordering the double sided crepe paper. So easy to work with and the petals for the flowers I have been making really hold their shape. I love it!

  6. ZKL

    My favorite papersI love this doubled sided paper – and all the fine papers Lia Griffith makes. The lack of the horizontal creases one finds in heavier crepe papers really makes a difference and the flowers I make look more delicate. The colors are so subtle and compliment each other perfectly.