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Our extra fine crepe paper has 130% stretch. You can use this type of crepe paper to create delicate petals with a transparent look and lighter texture.

Our heavy crepe paper is equivalent to 160 grams with 250% stretch. This type of crepe paper is perfect for making larger flowers and heavier petals.

Our extra-fine crepe paper comes with four sheets while our heavy crepe paper comes with two sheets. All colors are inspired by nature and perfect for making your favorite paper flowers, plants, wreaths, and greenery.

Our double-sided, extra-fine crepe paper has two unique colors fused into one sheet of crepe paper. You may know it as doublette, Duplex, or Gloria.

Each pack comes with two folds, and each fold is 9.84 in. x 49.21 in. (25 cm. x 125 cm.). Since it is made out of our extra-fine crepe paper, it has approximately 130% stretch. However, unlike the extra-fine, it has two layers so it is a bit thicker. Altogether, we have eight different packs of double-sided crepe paper to choose from.

What Makes Lia Griffith Crepe Paper Unique

Lia Griffith crepe paper is a high-quality crepe paper that is made by hand in Germany using natural, non-toxic colors and dyes. This is especially important to us as we strive to use sustainable, eco-friendly crafting supplies. 80% of Lia Griffith extra-fine crepe paper is also made from 100% recycled paper!

Using a high-quality crepe paper will impact how your crepe paper flowers look and how they hold up over time. With Lia Griffith crepe paper, you will be able to make crepe paper flowers that look more realistic and can last forever. Just remember to keep them out of direct sunlight if you don’t want the color to fade. Or you can also spray your flowers with a UV resistant spray to protect the color of your crepe paper.

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