Lia Griffith Crepe Paper Extra Fine – Cranberry/Ruby (Long)

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A high-quality, extra fine crepe paper in Cranberry (Ruby), created by designer Lia Griffith.

  • 20% off the standard price as this long sleeve paper is folded during shipping to ensure the lowest shipping price possible
  • 2 sleeves of 19.6″ x 78.7″ (50cm x 200cm) crepe paper
  • 48-gram crepe paper with 130% stretch
  • Hand-dyed, nontoxic crepe paper made in Germany
  • Stretch, curl, twist, and cut these beautiful papers to make stunning paper flowers and other crafts

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Our cranberry crepe paper is 2 sleeves of Chiffon extra fine crepe paper from the Lia Griffith Enchanted Garden Collection. Each sleeve is 19.6″ x 78.7″ (50cm x 200cm)  in size.

This is high-quality, extra fine crepe paper from DIY designer Lia Griffith in a color palette inspired by nature. It is hand-dyed, nontoxic crepe paper made in Germany. And it is specifically designed for making DIY paper flowers, wedding and party decorations, kids’ craft projects, and more.

Our extra fine crepe paper is equivalent to 48 grams. The metallic extra fine is more equivalent to 80 grams. Our heavy floristic crepe paper is equivalent to 128 grams. But it’s important to note that the stretch is a more important factor to consider than the weight when making paper flowers. Our extra-fine crepe paper has a 130% stretch and the heavy floristic has a 250% stretch. This makes the crepe paper lend itself well to a more natural, delicate-looking crepe paper flower. The references to “extra fine” does not mean it is more fragile and will tear…it really relates to how the paper is more like a “fabric.” This also makes all of our crepe papers very malleable and easy to use. Stretch, curl, twist, and cut these beautiful papers to make stunning crafts that last a lifetime!

Due to the natural nature of production, there could be slight variations in color and you will need to keep your crepe paper out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. Find out more about crepe paper and crepe paper flowers here:


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Dimensions 21 × 5 × 1 in

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1 review

  1. Dori Melowicz (verified owner)

    Disappointed. Should have realized it would be quite heavier than just one sheet of very fine.

    • virginia

      Hi Dori, These are extra fine also and are actually the same paper but just in a longer sleeve. So they should be the same weight for one sheet.