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Looking for sewing kits? We are so excited to launch this new kit section in our shop!  The first sewing kit we have is a stitch sampler.

Wanting to learn how to embroider? This class in the Lia Griffith Craft Academy will teach you everything you need to know on embroidery stitching. Classes in the Lia Griffith Craft Academy are extended video lessons where Lia Griffith members can learn new skills or finesse their existing skills and techniques.

This Lia Griffith embroidery stitch sampler kit contains all the materials you will need to take the new Lia Griffith skills course on embroidery stitching; Embroidery 101. The stitch guides are printed on linen fabric so this works as a great stitch guide for you to follow and also wall makes a pretty wall hanging guide to keep in your craft room or craft area.

Sewing kits make it easy and affordable to start sewing. Our kits are editable, so you only need to purchase what you need! If you don’t need something, you can also simply remove it from the kit!


Full skill course video lessons available in the Craft Academy to all Lia Griffith members at


Want to be part of a community where you can grow your crafting skills and make new friends? We believe that making things with our hands can be very nurturing and transformative. When a person reconnects with their creativity, they are able to tap into an internal joy and sense of esteem that can be life changing. So let’s get crafting!  Join here.

Crafting Tips

We want your craft projects to look amazing! Watch our videos to learn more about each material: