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We have a large selection of papers for crafting in curated colors for all of your crafting needs.  We have frosted paper, which is a lighter text weight paper.  This makes it a perfect alternative to crepe paper for paper flower making.  Unlike cardstock, frosted paper is lightweight, flexible, and much easier to shape. Using a curling tool to shape the frosted paper will give your paper flowers and plants a lot more movement and make them seem more lifelike. The iridescent nature of the paper also adds depth and dimension. For ideas on what to craft with this beautiful frosted craft paper, take a look at our free flower templates and video tutorials.

We also stock cardstock paper for all of your other paper craft needs.  We have a huge range of paper craft projects over on Lia

Finally, check out our range of specialty papers which include honeycomb paper and vellum paper.  Honeycomb is great for holiday crafts and we have beautiful lanterns and card making projects for vellum paper.

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We want your craft projects to look amazing! Watch our videos to learn more about each material: