Lia Griffith Frosted Paper – Berry Pack

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Frosted Craft Paper – Berry Pack.

  • 20 pages of text weight craft paper in 4 different berry tones
  • 5 each of color
  • 130 GSM weight (text weight)
  • 12″ x 12″ (30.5cm x 30.5cm)
  • Numbered colors so you know which paper to use on Lia Griffith projects
  • Three free flower templates and video tutorials to use with the craft pack paper: Flower Patterns & Tutorials

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Craft Paper – Berry Pack.  20 pages of text weight craft paper in 4 different color tones; 5 each of color.  The size of this paper is 12″ x 12″ (30.5cm x 30.5cm) so it works perfectly in your cutting machine.  Text weight frosted paper is one of my favorite materials for making flowers. And since we use this paper all the time in our studio, we thought, why not come out with our own?

This craft paper is text weight, being 130 grams per square meter frosted paper.   It is lightweight and so flexible, which makes it perfect for petal curling and paper flower making.  The iridescent nature of the metallic paper makes it look “frosted” and adds a beautiful dimension and depth to paper flowers.  The craft paper – berry pack makes such pretty flowers.  We often use the green frosted paper for leaves with our crepe paper flowers.   Altogether we have seven packs of frosted paper — berry, citrus, conifer, melon, stone fruit, golds and succulent.

You also receive three free paper flower templates with video tutorials to use with the paper packs!  Find these here!

You can use hot glue or tacky glue with the frosted paper.  Both of which can be found here along with all of our other useful craft tools and supplies.

We have numbered each page of the craft paper.  So, if you craft along with us at you will know exactly which color to use on which project!


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2 reviews

  1. Rachal (verified owner)

    Beautiful colors but the cost for only 20 pages and you only get a few pages of each color is pricey! I feel like maybe you should sell books of maybe either single colors of say 10 pages for a lower price or books of 2 colors of 20 pages for a slightly lower price to give people the option of choosing the colors that best suits their needs and quantity that adequately gives an amount that allows for several projects. But that is a objective view and suggestion from a very loving customer and pleased fan of Lia Griffith products and projects!!!

  2. suzanne kass (verified owner)

    great product Im making purple peonies