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Frosted paper has a light coating of metallic over the color, giving it a beautiful sheen. You may also know this paper as metallic paper or pearl paper.

This is a text weight paper that has a smooth feel to it and is easy to work with. Altogether we have seven packs to choose from. Our metallic golds pack includes my 10 favorite gold tones that we curated into this pack for you. This is a high-quality graphic design paper in 8.5″x11.” After using this type of paper for years, we developed our own frosted craft paper in 20 different colors. These are available in 5-packs with four colors in 12″x12″ sheets.
How to Use Frosted Paper
Unlike cardstock, frosted craft paper is lightweight, flexible, and much easier to shape. Using a curling tool to shape the frosted paper will give your paper flowers and plants a lot more movement and make them seem more lifelike. The iridescent nature of the paper also adds depth and dimension.

In comparison to crepe paper, we love to use frosted craft paper when cutting out a very detailed design or when you want your paper flowers to have more of a sculptural look. For example, this boxwood wreath includes a lot of intricate greenery that would take much longer to create if you were using crepe paper.

Similar to crepe paper, it is easy to add color to your frosted paper petals and leaves. If you’d like, you can also mix the two types of paper by using crepe paper for the flowers and frosted paper for the leaves (like we did with these poppies). Another option is to use frosted paper for the flower centers.
Get Inspiration
For ideas on what to craft with this beautiful frosted craft paper, take a look at our free flower templates and video tutorials.