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There are now four Master Classes in the Lia Griffith series.  In these Master Classes, Lia Griffith will personally teach you everything you need to know about making paper flowers, both crepe paper and frosted paper, so you can craft with confidence. The lessons cover, in detail, each part of the flower-making process. You will learn basic flower-making techniques that are perfect for the beginner. But we encourage everyone to try this class as Lia always teaches something new to lift your paper flowers to the next level.  Many more experienced crafters also learn many ways to finesse and improve their paper flower-making techniques!

Always beginning with a personal welcome from Lia, each class gives new lessons, each with a video and workbook pages, so you can craft along with everyone in the course and share your work in our private Crafters group exclusively for our members. Each class will finish with a recorded live workshop on how to arrange a paper flower bouquet with live greenery.

We have now added a dedicated master class on paper flower arranging where Lia teaches you how to make 12 different paper flower arrangements and also even some stunning bridal bouquets with coordinating corsages and boutonnieres.  This has been a much anticipated addition to her Master Class series.

All of the Master Classes in our series are available to our Annual and Craft Circle members in our Craft Academy, or for separate purchase here.

Check out the courses and how to join and enroll here.