A Beginners Guide to Frosted Paper Flowers

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Lifetime Access to this Master Class (Members can purchase for $99)

Do you want to learn how to make beautiful frosted paper flowers?

Or, are you wanting to learn new tips and tricks to elevate your paper flowers to the next level?

If so, we have you covered in this Master Class!


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What you will learn:

In this master class, we will return to Lia’s paper flower design roots and learn to make sculpted flowers with text-weight frosted paper.

In the first lesson, Lia will teach you the techniques for how to make a gorgeous flower, followed by ten more lessons.

The class includes seven flowers and a set of greenery, each taught in their individual lesson. You will also learn to make an asymmetrical wreath and a full tabletop bouquet.

Included in this Frosted Paper Flower Master Class:

  • This class includes 11 video lessons.
  • A printable supplies list and direct links to each item.
  • Organization printables for this workshop.
  • Each lesson includes printable workbook pages with an area to take notes.
  • Access Lia as your craft coach to answer any questions in the comments below each lesson.
  • Printable templates and SVG cut files for all of the flowers and greenery made in this class.
  • Once you’ve watched all the lessons and created the flowers and greenery in this workshop, simply share photos of the arrangements on our private community page for crafters, and you will receive a certificate of completion.

Course Content


  • Tools & Materials List
  • Photos of Finished Flowers + Projects
  • Welcome Message from Lia
  1. Let’s Get Started + Bonus
  2. Spider Mums
  3. Anemone Flowers
  4. Hydrangea Blooms
  5. Design an Asymmetrical Wreath
  6. Coral Charm Peonies
  7. Hanging Wisteria
  8. Gardenias & Buds
  9. Frosted Paper Greenery
  10. Arranging a Full Bouquet
  11. Butterfly Magnolia Branch


  1. Spider Mums
  2. White Anemone Flower
  3. Hydrangea Blooms
  4. Coral Charm Peonies
  5. Hanging Wisteria
  6. Gardenia & Buds
  7. Frosted Paper Greenery
  8. Butterfly Magnolia Branch

Lesson schedule:

Once you purchase lifetime access, you can immediately access the course lessons. You can watch on your own schedule and rewatch the lessons anytime.

How to begin:

  1. Purchase lifetime access or join the Craft Circle membership level.
  2. Watch the intro video at the top of this page.
  3. Click on the Welcome video below and the Get Ready lessons for everything you need to prepare for the master class.
  4. Begin the course with the first lesson.
  5. And be sure to save 20% on materials with this class bundle.


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