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Frosted Paper Flowers Master Class ( Paper Bundle)

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Registered for our online master class on frosted paper flowers? Still haven’t got your frosted paper packs yet? This frosted paper bundle will save you 20% on the paper required for this class! Or, you can always buy products separately at any time before, during, or after the class.

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This Lia Griffith frosted paper bundle is for our online master class, “A Beginner’s Guide to Frosted Paper Flowers.” For a limited time, and while stock lasts, you can save 20% with this frosted paper bundle — or you can choose to buy the individual frosted paper colors you need for this course here.

Along with our Lia Griffith frosted paper bundle, you will need some additional tools and materials for this class. Once you’ve enrolled, you can see the full list of supplies here.

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In this course, Lia Griffith will teach you everything you need to know about making frosted paper flowers so you can craft with confidence. Altogether there are 12 lessons that cover each part of the flower-making process. You will learn basic flower-making techniques that are perfect for the beginner. But we encourage anyone to join this course as there is always something new to learn!

This class begins with a personal welcome from Lia, with new lessons released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, each with a video and workbook pages, so you can craft along with everyone in the course and share your work on our private Facebook page for members. The course will finish with a live Q&A.  Check out the course and how to enroll here.

Students will create seven different flowers, greenery, a wreath, and a full bouquet during the four weeks while learning the best tips and techniques for making paper blooms and flower arranging. When you have finished the 12 lessons in this master course, you will receive a special printable certificate of completion.



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5 reviews

  1. stephanie.haywood (verified purchaser)

    I had tried making paper flowers before and my Cricut Maker would rip up the paper. I used this paper for the Master Class and had zero issues cutting it out and removing it from the mat. (Copy Paper setting on default) It looks stunningly beautiful. My 13 year old daughter and I had little issues making gorgeous blooms with it despite being completely new to paper flower making. We have gotten lots of compliments on our creations.

  2. Pamela (verified purchaser)

    I loved the class and I lve the Frosted Paper flowers colors, such a wide variety.

  3. getter-0facing (verified purchaser)

    I’ve received so many compliments on the flowers I made with this paper for the master class! I just repurchased to continue practicing on new creations from Lia’s site.

  4. KellyMae (verified purchaser)

    I like the paper. First time using it. I have to say that it cuts very nicely on my Brother ScanNCut. The colors are very pretty..

  5. amandamae1981 (verified purchaser)

    Thank for making this bundle I was dumbed that I couldn’t get all the material for the class! Looking for to working with you amazing frosted paper!