Lia Griffith Cardstock – Brown Mini Dots

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This is a beautiful collection of mini dotted cardstock in browns by Lia Griffith.  This pack of cardstock contains:

  • 15 sheets of dotted cardstock in 3 colors, each sheet being 80 lb (216gsm)
  • 5 sheets of each color: Night Flyer Lily, All Spice and Cotton Grass
  • Each sheet is 12″ x 12″ size
  • Acid & lignin free

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This is a beautiful collection of dotted cardstock in brown colors curated by Lia Griffith. Our cardstock is acid & lignin free and manufactured from high quality, virgin pulp. Virgin pulp is the key ingredient that results in producing paper with long fibers. Long fiber paper allows the crafter to score and fold the cardstock without worry about cracking or ripping effects. If you are a die cutter, long fiber paper is optimum for nice, clean, even cuts. Our cardstock is ideal for all paper crafting because it is sturdy and firm, allowing for all types of paper crafting activities.

This pack of dotted cardstock contains 15 sheets of cardstock in 3 colors, each sheet being 80 lb (216gsm).  There are 5 sheets of each color: Night Flyer Lily, All Spice and Cotton Grass.

This paper is core dyed allowing for optimal color throughout the paper. Only Soy Dyes are used to color the paper and these dyes are 100% safe for the environment.

We do not use recycled materials in any phase of production. Our production methods allows each cardstock sheet to have a smoother, cleaner finish and gives our embossed items a more even look. Recycled materials contain synthetic fibers that prevent smooth color absorption so we do not incorporate this material into our paper manufacture.

Each sheet of cardstock is a 12″ x 12″ size so you can cut your paper crafts by hand or it also works perfectly for use with your cutting machine.


Altogether we have seven color packs of frosted paper — golds, berry, citrus, conifer, melon, stone fruit, and succulent. You also receive three free paper flower templates with video tutorials to use with the paper packs!  Find these here! They are the perfect weight paper for making frosted paper flowers.

You can use hot glue or tacky glue with all of our craft papers.  Both of which can be found here.  Make sure you check out all of our other tools and supplies for your craft room too!  Lia and the team of Makers here have tested them all and we only stock our favorite products!

We also have honeycomb paper and natural kraft paper.  Everything you need for all of your paper crafting!


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