Lia Griffith Crepe Paper Heavy – English Garden

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This is high-quality, heavy floristic crepe paper from DIY designer Lia Griffith in a color palette inspired by nature

  • Pack of gorgeous floristic crepe paper folds in ten colors – Plum, Aubergine, Azaelea, Pink Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Coral, Nectarine, Chiffon, Vanilla, and Blush.
  • Hand-dyed, nontoxic, vegan crepe paper, using natural dyes and colors
  • Made in Germany
  • High quality, heavy crepe paper equivalent to 160 grams with 250% stretch
  • 9.8” x 39.3” per color, total 26.7 sq. ft.
  • No creases /machine lines

Plus receive a free starter flower pattern and link to a video tutorial in the pack!

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English Garden crepe paper pack containing gorgeous floristic crepe paper folds in ten colors – Plum, Aubergine, Azalea, Pink Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Coral, Nectarine, Chiffon, Vanilla, and Blush.  You also receive a free starter flower pattern and a link to a video tutorial in the pack!

This is high-quality, heavy floristic crepe paper from DIY designer Lia Griffith in a color palette inspired by nature.  It is hand-dyed, nontoxic crepe paper.  Made in Germany and is specifically designed for making DIY paper flowers, wedding and party decorations, kids’ craft projects, and more.

Our extra fine crepe paper is equivalent to 60 grams.  The metallic extra fine is more equivalent to 80 grams.  Our heavy floristic crepe paper is equivalent to 160 grams.  But it’s important to note that the stretch is a more important factor to consider than the weight when making paper flowers.  Our extra-fine crepe paper has a 130% stretch and the heavy floristic has a 250 % stretch.  This makes the crepe paper lend itself so well to a more natural, delicate-looking crepe paper flower.  The references to “extra fine” does not mean it is more fragile and will tear…it really relates to how the paper is more like a “fabric”.  This also makes all of our crepe papers very malleable and easy to use. Stretch, curl, twist and cut these beautiful papers to make stunning crafts that last a lifetime.

Due to the natural nature of production, there could be slight variations in color and you will need to keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.  Find out more about crepe paper and crepe paper flowers here.


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Video Tutorial

Crepe Paper Video


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42 reviews

  1. Jim Sullivan (verified purchaser)

    finally got the right stuff. Worked with paper for a long time. I thought crepe would be more substantial than that. Wrong. But your heavy crepe I can work with. I like it.

  2. Sheryl Luxon (verified purchaser)

    Beautiful colors and quality.

  3. aforristall (verified purchaser)

    Beautiful and fast shipping.

  4. Marilyn (verified purchaser)

    Gorgeous colors and high-quality papers. I love the strength and the stretch. Am amazed that I can place an order on one day and receive it on the next

  5. Lisa Singleton

    Cotton Spun Balls -24 packI really enjoy using these cotton balls, they are easy to work with and perfect for several projects.

  6. Linda Cammallere

    Paper Curler

  7. Nancy Kadrlik

    Paper flower orderGreat love them

  8. Jacquelyn Delozier

    Crepe paperLove, love, love your crepe paper. Texture and vibrant colors are awesome!

  9. Joann Harclerode

    Beautiful.I haven’t used it yet. The colors are lovely. I’m sure if I had used it I would give it a 4.

  10. cynthia mccusker

    Use it and love itwish the extra-fine was double-sided, but easy to work with and beautifully life like

    couldn’t work the other review model and no way to “send.”

  11. Martha Tokos

    Anemone Frosted Paper Flower Kit

  12. Mary Christenson

    Returned to sender

  13. Denise Weiss

    43590Heavy Floristic: English Garden Collection

  14. Diane Fesi

    43590Fat shipping and nice product

  15. Kelly Grace Gibbons

    Wonderful PaperCan’t say enough good things on Lia’s Heavy Floristic Crepe Paper! English Garden Paper colors are so pretty. No matter the craft-this paper is a must have!

  16. Charlotte Crawford

    43590Haven’t used them yet ,but LOVE the way they stretch and feel

  17. Jenny Morgenweck

    Great, Consistant QualityLia’s team is pioneering and setting the bar for great quality fine crepe. My #1 go-to for this product.

  18. Mary Dunn

    Love working with this crepe paperThis is my first time making crepe paper flowers and using your fine crepe paper really make it easy. They turned out beautifully. The colors are so vibrant and what great colors they are. You have such a large quantity to order from. I ordered the heavy crepe paper also and will enjoy making flowers with this product . Glad I found your web site.

  19. Winifred Chamberlin

    BeautifulThe colors are so vivid and I love the paper texture. I made my first flower and I love the way it turned out.

  20. Leize Berry

    1 x 10-Pack – Extra Fine Crepe Paper – Secret GardenAs usual, love the quality of Lia Griffith crepe paper! No other paper I’ve used is as great for crafting flowers…seriously!! Definitely the best out there!

  21. Lynette Niswander

    43590love the colors but wish all of them were available individually. The paper os wonderful to work with. I will be ordering again.

  22. Judith Schreiber

    crepe paperSecret garden crepe paper is absolutely gorgeous. love making flowers with crepe paper. Thank you

  23. Edwina Bustamante

    Crepe PaperI love the quality, though I haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet.thank you.

  24. Wendy L. Carney

    Excellent Quality paperI have purchased this paper before and I am sure I will purchase it again.

  25. Susan Haney

    extra fine crepe paperbeautiful paper equals beautiful results. I looked for crepe paper locally for Lia Griffith’s projects and could not find what I was looking for. I ordered from Lia’s website and received a high quality product.

  26. Amy Crinnin

    Extra fine crepe paperI have been anxious to use Lia Griffiths extra fine crepe paper for a while. I made peonies from it which came out beautiful. I gave a bouquet to my daughter-law and she loved them. Everyone was very impressed!

  27. patricia guindin

    43590excellent color

  28. Carrie Walters

    A beautiful palette!As a long-time fan of this weight of paper, this particular palette makes my heart happy. The off-white and yellow hues are perfect for creating stamens and detailed centers, and the shades of pink are pleasantly toned and complementary to one another. Well done!

  29. veronica moran-caverty

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!I ordered the original variety pack of extra-fine crepe paper and made some beautiful flowers for my upcoming wedding. Since the wedding is in springtime I was unable to use some of the darker colors. This collection has BEAUTIFUL colors for springtime, and the shorter format is easier to cut evenly.

  30. Maria Balcazar

    Lovely 60g fine crepe!Lovely paper. Colors were as vibrant as the pictures. Texture is smooth and beautiful. Overall, I loved this 60g fine crepe for delicate life-like paper flowers. And fast shipping!!

  31. Flower Lady

    Great colors and stretch but too short!I eagerly awaited the delivery of your heavy crepe paper. While the colors and stretch are great, there isn’t even enough paper in each roll to make ONE peony! I would even have paid more if you offered it in the same length that you sell your fine crepe paper in. Too skimpy!

  32. Catherine Debbage

    Crepe PaperThe packet was smaller than expected. Quality is great and there is still plenty of paper.

  33. Eleanor

    QuestionWhere can I find the patterns for these flowers? I love the color gradation on the ranunculus and would love to make the whole bouquet as well!

  34. K Morrison

    Paper is nice Рwish my cricut could cut itI was disappointed to find out that cricuts don’t do a good job on crepe paper, especially since the site provides .svg files for crepe paper designs. Feeling misled.

  35. Cindee Siver

    Extra fine crepe paperLove it!!! It’s amazing

  36. Stephen Brooks

    The BestThis is the best heavy crepe paper I’ve worked with. No horizontal lines, great stretch and beautiful colors. I will be ordering more!

  37. Wendy L. Carney

    Great qualityI love the quality and colors

  38. Carolyn Bauer

    43590Love this paper! Colors are bright and beautiful. Crepe has lots of stretch. It arrived fast and in perfect condition.

  39. Jill

    Beautiful Crepe Paper!This extra fine crepe paper comes in bright springy colors and is wonderful to use!

  40. Susan Bonn

    Awesome!!!I LOVE Lia’s new crepe Paper!! The colors are perfect for spring. And the stretch??— It’s got great stretch. It’s easily sculpted into even the most intricate petal.

  41. Lori Carroll

    Gorgeous colorsAll of the new colors of crepe paper from Lia Griffith are so beautiful! Extra fine is the weight of this paper, but also a good way to describe the quality. The texture, the color, the stretch… it’s as wonderful as I would expect from Lia’s papers! You won’t be disappointed!

  42. Patricia Moore

    4359010-Pack – Extra Fine Crepe Paper – Secret Garden