Straw Wreath 14″

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  • Natural straw wreath
  • 14″ in outer diameter
  • 8.5″ inner diameter
  • Bio-Degradable
  • Use for indoor or outdoor displays, arrangements and craft projects

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14″ straw wreath perfect for your paper floral wreaths.  We love this wreath as it is a natural, biodegradable base product.  It adds a special earthy accent to your floral design, centerpiece, or home decor piece. This straw is particularly brilliant, naturally bleached in the warm Mexican sun, and is also firmer and stays together which means less shedding!



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2 reviews

  1. Beth Britt (verified purchaser)

    This wreath is great and I plan to use it to make the cranberry wreath

  2. Beth Britt (verified purchaser)

    This wreath is great