Lia Griffith Stuffie Puff

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A bag of Polyester Fiber Fill

  • 17 gms/0.59 oz

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A small-sized bag of polyester fiber fill for your felt projects.  Our Stuffie Puff is the perfect amount of polyester fiber fill or each of your felt and craft projects! (Mushrooms not included). 😉 Our felt stuffies are one of our most popular types of projects on our Lia Griffith craft project website.  We have everything from felt food, to felt animals, to felt decorations to felt toys.  Check them all out here on!


We also offer this poly fil in bulk in a 20oz bag here. A unique process explodes the 100% polyester fibers which allows it to maintain its integrity through countless launderings. Superior resiliency, smooth consistency and will not bunch.


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