Lia Griffith Needle Nose Tweezers

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Needle-nose tweezers perfect for use with your cutting machine on crepe paper and vinyl.

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Needle-nose tweezers are perfect for use with your cutting machine on crepe paper and vinyl.  This is the easiest way to pick up the cut files from the cutting mat without tearing the projects!


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7 reviews

  1. sylverpenguin66 (verified purchaser)

    I had been using sewing tweezers on all these projects for the past few years and thought I was doing just fine with their “fine pointed” tip. Then I got a pair of these, and OH!! what a difference! Lia and Meghan aren’t kidding when they say these are indispensable! Do yourself a favor and get a pair – everything is SO MUCH easier from pulling delicate spiky centers off the cutting mat to untangling an embroidery knot that needs to be retied.
    My only (small) complaint is almost every tool from Felt Paper Scissors is pink, including these, and I don’t prefer pink if given a choice. But I understand a small business would have a hard time stocking the rainbow of colors just for tools.

  2. Misty (verified purchaser)

    Perfect for reaching into the tight spots and putting little tiny things in place. Very good quality.

  3. Heidi Spendlove

    These are wonderful- they come to such a sharp, fine point. Great for any Pearl knotting or any other art and craft use. I love good tools!

  4. Lin (verified purchaser)

    Simply can’t craft without having a few of these at my fingertips. I keep one right next to my Cricut and another on the table where I work, rather than having to search for where I last put it down. Not to mention (but I will) the price can’t be beat!

  5. Kathy (verified purchaser)

    After hearing Lia and team talk about these tweezers I decided to get some and can’t believe how much I’ve used them. They certainly live up to all the great things I’ve heard about them. Don’t know how I managed without them now.

  6. Linda (verified purchaser)

    This is a very useful tool. I can’t believe how much I’ve used it since it arrived. It’s great for flowers, but I have used it for all kinds of things.

  7. Lynn Ensley (verified purchaser)

    I absolutely love these tweezers! In fact I like them so much I ordered a second pair. They are one of my favorite pieces of equipment when it comes to all of my crafting needs.