Lia Griffith Felting Needles – Pack of 6

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6 triangular felting needles and comes with

  • plastic storage tube
  • two needles in each size, being: coarse (36g), medium (38g), and fine (40g).

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The Lia Griffith Felting Needles come in a tube holding 6 triangular felting needles.  There are two needles in each size, being: coarse (36g), medium (38g), and fine (40g).  The plastic tube that comes with these needles is perfect for the storage of these needles.  The needles have barbs on three sides.

  • The 36 gauge triangle is the best needle for making the bulk of a 3D piece in core wool and attaching other pieces.
  • The 38 gauge triangle needle is an all-around needle for bulk work, sculpting, and adding some detail and is the one we use most of the time.  It is also good for sculpting work.
  • The 40 gauge triangle needle is a finer needle for detail work and creating a smoother surface. It is best to not use it when working with course fibers or for rough sculpting/bulk work.

We use these Lia Griffith felting needles for all of our handmade needle felted crafts.  These felting needles fit perfectly in our wood needle handle holder.


We have a beautiful range of Corriedale felting wool sourced directly from New Zealand.   We use this gorgeous wool in our needle felted crafts.

We also have core wool for your projects.  Core Wool in needle felting is used for the inside or base layers of felting projects. Begin your project with core wool for the basic shape of your animal, bird, or larger project, then needle-felt the colors into place with the dyed wool.


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