Pinking Shears – Scallop

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Scallop-shaped pinking shears perfect for edging your paper flowers!

  • 3mm scallop blade


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Scallop-shaped pinking shears are perfect for edging your paper flowers and especially your paper leaves!  These scissors have a 3mm scallop shape blade and a black handle.  They also work on felt and all of your other craft materials. Cut and create your favorite projects!


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5 reviews

  1. Susan (verified purchaser)

    Fast shipping! Love these scissors. The small scallops are perfect

  2. cbands1 (verified purchaser)

    Love these high quality shears! So helpful for crepe paper flowers.

  3. hooksmom (verified purchaser)

    I have a pair of small scallop scissors but wanted to try full-sized scissors. These are wonderful. They cut nicely. Now I’m going to get the zig zag scissors also because of the quality. My old ones are out.

  4. mbrayburn (verified purchaser)

    High quality shears that leave a clean cut without jamming up the blades. So glad I made this purchase!

  5. Pamela Miles (verified purchaser)

    I love the new 3mm scallop scissors. If you use the side with the peaks, being left-handed it’s easy, it is perfect for rose leaves. I love them. I have over a hundred leaves to do and it made it so easy for me.