Lia Griffith Felt & Embroidery Sewing Bundle

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These are the essential tools for your sewing kit!  Perfect if you are just starting out on your sewing journey, but also if you are missing or need to upgrade any of your sewing tools.  You will definitely be wanting each of these tools which are the very same ones Lia and the team use right here in the studio.

Buy the ones you need or get this bundle of them all, so you can have all these essential tools. The bundle includes:

  • Dritz disappearing ink pen
  • Clover needle threader
  • 5″ Kai detail scissors
  • Dritz sewing pins – pack of 250
  • DMC embroidery needles
  • Quilters Freezer Sheets

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The Lia Griffith sewing starter bundle has the seven tools which are essential for your sewing kit!  Get this bundle so you can have all these essential sewing tools!

This Lia Griffith sewing starter bundle includes the following:

  • Dritz disappearing ink pen: Lia, Krista, and Emily use these in our studio for marking our patterns onto felt for all of our felt projects.  The ink marks are water-soluble which is perfect for ensuring the marks do not permanently mark your project.
  • 5″ Kai detail scissors are one of our “must-have” tools in your craft room.  We love this small 5″ scissor for all of the intricate detail work on your paper flowers, sewing, and other crafting projects. This smooth, comfortable scissor is perfect in your craft and sewing kit.  As with the rest of the KAI 5000 series scissors, the KAI 5135 is made of hardened steel that allows it to keep its edge for longer.
  • Clover needle threader makes those hard to thread needles so much easier and is also great for sewing with children!
  • Dritz sewing pins – pins which are great for all of your sewing and embroidery projetcs
  • DMC embroidery needles for your felt sewing.  They slide easily through the fabric and felt.  Perfect for all of our felt crafts!
  • Quilters Freezer Sheets: You can print our Lia Griffith felt PDF patterns directly onto it.  Then you simply loosely cut it out, and iron it onto felt to make an accurate cut of the felt shape you need.

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