Lia Griffith Paper Anemone and Succulent Bridal Bouquet Kit

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A beautiful bridal bouquet that you can make using 4 of our frosted paper flower kits at 20% off!

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A paper kit Anemone bridal bouquet which you can make using 4 of our frosted paper flower kits…. for 20% off! With our DIY kits, you can create a pretty flower arrangement that lasts forever.

To make this bouquet you will receive each of the following frosted flower kits:  the Anemone Frosted Flower Kit, the Succulents Frosted Flower Kit, and the Air Plants Flower Kit, and the Ferns and Eucalyptus Frosted Flower Kit.  You will also receive one pack of 18 gauge and 24 gauge paper-covered floral wire and one pack of green floral tape.

Each kit includes die-cut sheets of frosted paper in assorted colors, tools & materials list, instructions, and link to video tutorials for each of the flowers:


One of the things we love about our paper flower kits is that they make it really simple for anyone to craft some beautiful paper flowers. All the flower pieces are ready to be punched out, no cutting is needed. With these kits, you can make a lovely full bouquet of three different flowers and assorted greenery.


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