Lia Griffith 18 Gauge Floral Wire – Green

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Floral wire perfect for all of your paper flowers and plants

  • 18 gauge
  • Green paper wrapped
  • 50 pieces in each pack
  • 12″ in length

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18 Gauge Floral Wire; green paper covered.  Green paper-covered wire is great for your leaves and paper plants or anytime you want to show a small green stem.  The white paper-covered floral wire is perfect for light-colored petals as it will not show through your paper petals. It’s also good for stamen and really anything else since you can color it to what you need.

You will receive 50 pieces in each pack.  Each piece of wire is 12″ long which is a great length for your flowers with minimal waste.  We always use paper-covered floral wire.  It glues your petals and leaves together so much stronger than cloth-covered floral wire.


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Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 1 in

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7 reviews

  1. Patsy Cochran

    Good quality and length

  2. p.thomason (verified owner)

    The 18 Gauge wire is wonderful!

  3. p.thomason (verified owner)

    Excellent with Crepe Paper flowers!

  4. Charlotte

    I love your work.

  5. KellyMae (verified owner)

    Nicely made…

  6. Lauri R. (verified owner)

    After using some plastic coated wires from a local craft store, I have realized how much more I like using these paper covered wires!! They are great!!

  7. yasmin baria (verified owner)

    Good quality but a bit too expensive than craft stores.