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Crepe Paper Flowers Master Class Vol. 1 (Crepe Paper Bundle)

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Registered for our online master course on crepe paper flowers? During the pre-enrollment period, while stock lasts, this crepe paper bundle will save you 20% on the crepe paper required for this class! Or, you can always buy products separately at any time before, during, or after the class.




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This crepe paper bundle is for our online master class, “A Beginner’s Guide to Crepe Paper Flowers Vol 1.” For a limited time, during the pre-enrollment period of this class and while stock lasts, you can save 20% with this crepe paper bundle — or you can choose to buy the individual crepe paper colors you need for this course here.

In this master class, Lia Griffith will personally teach you everything you need to know about making paper flowers so you can craft with confidence. Altogether there are 12 lessons that cover each part of the flower-making process. You will learn basic flower-making techniques that are perfect for the beginner. But we encourage anyone to join this course as there is always something new to learn!

Beginning with a personal welcome from Lia, new lessons will release three times a week, each with a video and workbook pages, so you can craft along with everyone in the course and share your work on our private Facebook page for members. The course will finish with a recorded live workshop on how to arrange a crepe paper flower bouquet with live greenery.  Check out the class and how to enroll here.

Students will create seven different flowers during the four weeks while learning the best tips and techniques for making paper blooms and flower arranging. When you have finished the 12 lessons in this master course, you will receive a special printable certificate of completion.

Along with our crepe paper bundle, you will need some additional tools and materials for your paper flowers. Once you’ve enrolled, see our full list of tools and materials for this course.

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  1. iowapurplepig2

    I loved the class but missed getting to buy the crepe paper bundle I hope I will get the opportunity to buy it since it is out of stock

    • virginia

      Thanks! The bundle is back on stock!