Lia Griffith Natural Wood Ring

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So pretty in your macrame projects, plant hangers and wall decor

  • 2 and 11/16″ and 1/2″ thickness

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Our Lia Griffith natural wood ring is so pretty with our macrame projects.  We use them in our macrame plant hangers and wall decor.  With a diameter of 2-11/16″ and 1/2″ thickness, these rings are sturdy and durable. They can also be used wooden napkin rings, and wreath ornaments for your tree, and much more.  They can easily be painted or stained also if you do not wish to leave them in their natural wood color.


Made of 100% cotton, our 4mm macrame cord is soft, easy to use, and perfect for making plant hangers, wall hangings, and other home decor items and gifts. This is a standard macrame cord size that is durable and strong, making it a great choice for most of your macrame projects.

Because our macrame cord is a single strand, you won’t have to unravel your fringes afterward. Simply take a fine-tooth comb and brush them out into a fine fringe once you are done with your project. Cotton cords are also easy to unravel and untie if you make a mistake.

Altogether, we carry five beautiful colors. Each color is 100 meters/109 yards, making it perfect for bigger macrame projects that require more yardage or for multiple smaller projects. Check them out here.


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