Lia Griffith Cake Board 8 ” – Set of 1

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8″ round cardboard cake rounds.  This comes as a pack of 3.  We use these as bases and backs for jumbo paper flowers and they are perfect for this!

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8″ round cardboard cake round.  These come in a pack of 1.  We use these as bases and backs for jumbo paper flowers and they are perfect for this!

Grab your Lia Griffith Crepe Paper Jumbo Peonies Kit and watch our workshop video over in our Craft Academy which shows you how to make these gorgeous jumbo peonies with Lia and Emily as we use the pre-made kit to create three fluffy flowers.

This eye-catching project is perfect for all skill levels, including beginner crafters. The kit includes what you need to make three jumbo peony flowers, and you will also need some scissors and hot glue on hand. These large lovely flowers can be used to decorate for an Easter brunch, baby shower, or even be a photo backdrop for any celebration. They are also a gorgeous decoration for a little girl’s room. They are simple to make and you will see in our workshop video that we use every inch of crepe paper in the pre-made kits for the three jumbo blooms. No paper waste here!


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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 in

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