Art Glitter Glue – 2 oz with metal tip attachment

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The perfect craft glue that dries clear for use on all of your pretty paper flowers, leaves, and plants.

  • 2 oz bottle
  • One metal tip attachment
  • Industrial-strength, non-toxic, water-based adhesive

Don’t forget to also an extra metal tip attachment to add to the end of the spout to create a much finer application of adhesive from the spout. You can purchase this here!

Love this glue? Get a refill bottle so you don’t run out!



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Art Glitter Glue – one of our new favorite products for your craft studio- recommended to us by our own crafting community! This is not a glitter glue – it is in fact the perfect craft glue that dries clear for use on all of your pretty paper flowers, leaves and plants. This is an industrial-strength, non-toxic, water based adhesive originally designed for paper applications.

This versatile adhesive is both flexible and strong enough to bond items such as wood, metal, cardboard, canvas, plastic, and even glass.

You also receive the metal tip attachment to add to the end of the spout to create a much finer application of adhesive from the spout.  We love using this tip in working with paper flowers, leaves, stems, and plants as it is so precise in all these small floral applications!  If you need any extra tips, you can purchase them here!


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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in

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7 reviews

  1. Barbara A Edwards (verified owner)

    The stars are for all of the products that are received with this order. I’ve been purchasing items for probably about two years now and I’ve never found anything that didn’t meet my expectations. The products and the quality are important but just as important is the method of delivery. My order was processed and at my home within two days. Everything I ordered for was there. It was well packed. I love doing business with you

  2. Beverly Wagoner (verified owner)

    I wanted to order the refill bottle but they were out of stock. Because I was almost out of yhe glue, which I like ery muh, I had to order the small bottle. Not as economical.

    • virginia

      Hi Beverly, the 8oz refill is back in stock!

  3. Amie Williams (verified owner)

    I love this glue! It’s easy to use, easy to clean up, and it doesn’t burn my sensitive fingers the way that the hot glue does. Plus the fine point tip adapter helps me make sure I’m only putting on as much as I want WHERE I want it and the large refill option means that I can have two little bottles for crafting with friends and never have to worry about running out even in the winter when they aren’t shipping. So far everything I’ve glued with it has stayed glued, so I’ve converted pretty much completely from Alene’s and Yes Paste to this. Hot glue still has its uses, but wherever possible, I’ve also replaced it with this Art Glitter Glue.

  4. Linda Faris (verified owner)

    I simply love the art glitter glue with the metal tip. It makes finishing flowers so much easier. You can make such a fine line of glue when making leaves. It is well worth the money!

  5. Adele Vickers

    This has to be the very best paper craft glue I have ever used!! I know that this is statement is hard to believe but I am telling the truth. The microfine tip allows you to put glue only wear you need it and it dries flat. This is my “go-to” glue.

  6. Angelika Vukolova (verified owner)

    This glue is THE BEST. I trying almost all glue, I am so happy with this one. dry fast, no mess. recommend to all grafters.

    • virginia

      We are so pleased that you like it! We love it too. Due to shipping temperature restrictions, we will stock this glue again in the warmer months.

  7. Kathy S

    I have been using this glue with the fine tip for assembling my crepe paper flowers. The accuracy of the tip and the quality of the glue helps make beautiful flowers!