PanPastel® Artist Pastel – Black 800.5

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  • 9ml pan
  • Comes with a screw on lid for tidy and easy storage
  • Perfect for adding colors to make realistic-looking paper flowers

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PanPastel Artist Pastel- Black is one of our favorite materials for adding color to gorgeous paper flowers. It is perfect for brushing or sponging onto paper leaves and petals, so you can use these soft pastels to take your paper flower making to the next level, and these work to make such pretty flowers that are so realistic.

Blend and apply the dry color like fluid paint to paper flower petals and centers.  The pastels are low dust and are highly pigmented for rich and pure colors.  The PanPastel Artist Pastel – Black comes with a screw-on lid for easy and tidy storage in your craft room.

If you are new to using PanPastel? We recommend you watch our handy how-to video here. 


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