Floral Tape

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Floral tape is designed for florists to bind together fresh flower stems and branches. In our case, we use it for our crepe paper flowers. Floral tape is different than regular tape because it’s a crepe paper that is coated with wax and not sticky to the touch. It must be activated by stretching it and using the heat of your hands.

How to Use Floral Tape

We use floral tape when binding multiple stems together, such as when you attach a set of leaves to your crepe paper flowers. You can also use it to join thin stem wire to a thicker stem wire.


Tear a piece of floral tape off the roll before you start making your crepe paper flowers so it’s on hand and ready to use. Warm the end of the tape between your fingers and wrap the warmed tape around your wire and overlap the first end. You can press and warm the first wrap to ensure it has stuck.

Holding the tape along the stem wire, gently stretch as you wrap the tape around the wire. Stretch and wrap the tape at a slight angle so that it moves down the stem. If your tape rips while you are wrapping, simply continue by attaching warmed tape onto stem at the point of the rip and repeat the stretch and wrap steps.