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Our paper flower kits and bundles are perfect for beginners and make great gifts for crafters, too.

Frosted paper kits include die-cut sheets in various colors so all you have to do is punch out the pieces. There is also a list of tools and materials needed as well as written instructions and a video tutorial.

If you are interested in making paper flower bouquets, we have three bridal bouquet bundles. These bundles include 3-4 frosted paper flower kits that complement each other, and you can use our photos as inspiration for how to arrange your flowers.

Crepe paper kits include a flower pattern and an SVG cut file. The kits also include crepe paper to make the flower, foam balls for the centers (if needed), and floral wire and tape. In some cases you will need additional wire for the leaves and a marker or craft paint to color parts of your flower. Each kit comes with a list of anything additional you will need plus written instructions and a video tutorial.

In addition to our paper flower kits, we occasionally have bundles in our shop that are designed for craft classes over on These classes are available to annual members only. For example, we put together our Craft Camp bundle specifically for our Craft Camp workshops.

Finally, kits and bundles are always a great way to save money while trying something new. So if you’ve always wanted to learn how to make paper flowers, plants, and wreaths, just try out one of our kits!